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Gibbs Pool and Turner P.C. Announces Scott R. Pool's Key Role in Missouri Attorney General's Innovative Program 


​JEFFERSON CITY, MO – November 14, 2023 – Gibbs Pool and Turner P.C. is pleased to share the news that their esteemed partner, Scott R. Pool, has been selected to play a central role in the groundbreaking "Missouri Attorney General's Trial Master Program and Committee." This initiative, led by Deputy Attorney General Bill Corrigan, is designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of Missouri's Attorney General trial attorneys, who represent the state and its various departments in civil matters.

In an inspiring demonstration of self-reflection and a commitment to improvement, the Attorney General's office conducted a voluntary assessment of its legal teams' experiences and outcomes. The results revealed several areas for positive change. As a result, the office initiated a plan to assemble a select group of legal professionals from the Missouri legal community to provide guidance and mentorship to the promising young attorneys within the Attorney General's office.

The core objective of this program, as articulated by the AG's office, is to serve as independent consultants offering non-binding, discretionary advice on trial skills and strategies to the Missouri Attorney General and his Assistant Attorneys General. This advice will pertain to ongoing and potential litigation cases in which the state of Missouri and its departments and employees are represented by the AG.

Scott R. Pool will be joined by a distinguished group of attorneys from across the state, all of whom have pledged their support and contributions to this program. They aspire to establish this initiative as a center of excellence, dedicated to the best interests of the state and the broader public. Each of these contributing members has earned the distinction of being appointed as Assistant Attorney Generals.

Gibbs Pool and Turner P.C. congratulates Scott R. Pool for his selection to this prominent group of legal professionals and commends his ongoing dedication to community service. The firm strongly encourages its professionals to give back to the community and continue their commitment to making a positive impact.

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