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Healthcare and Professional Liability Defense

Advising on Compliance and Malpractice Defense

Licensed healthcare providers accused of harming or even killing their patients often face a physically exhausting and emotionally devastating process to clear their names. The attorneys of Gibbs Pool and Turner, P.C. have represented medical professionals in malpractice lawsuits for more than 20 years and take pride in our track record of mitigating the damage to our clients’ professional reputations as well as losses to their insurers.


If you are a medical care provider charged with negligence, you deserve the most vigorous defense possible to secure your good name, your livelihood and your professional license. Gibbs Pool and Turner has experience in malpractice defense across a broad spectrum of medical specialties, so we can build an authoritative defense no matter the specific situation.

Advising on Compliance and Malpractice Defense

Medical malpractice cases require attorneys to have specific knowledge about both law and medicine, including issues related to medical terminology, treatment and technology. Whether your case involves emergency services, surgery or other types of care, we advocate strongly on your behalf. We have the background to defend clients in rare cases and frequently litigated allegations including:

  • Birth Injury — The dramatic nature of medical problems affecting infants leads to significant liability actions. We have the experience to deliver a defense with skill and professionalism.

  • Surgical Mistakes — Procedures and decisions occur quickly in the operating room. If a plaintiff accuses a medical provider of a harmful error during surgery, our lawyers can demonstrate what happened and protect their legal rights.

  • Diagnosis Problems — Matching symptoms to causes is never an exact science. Gibbs Pool and Turner can call upon a network of experts to help establish that professional standards of care were followed.

  • Prescription Errors — Powerful pharmaceuticals can cause severe damage when not taken properly. Our attorneys develop a detailed outline to demonstrate how the medication in question was prescribed.

  • Equipment Misuse — Failure to operate complicated machinery correctly is sometimes blamed for injuries or misdiagnosis. If a problem has occurred, we can investigate the true source of the error.


The lawyers at Gibbs Pool and Turner, P.C. have established professional relationships with leading physicians, pharmacists and other medical experts who assist us in offering the staunch defense you require.


Working with Clients to Avert and Confront HIPAA Allegations

You work hard for your family, so knowing that you have planned for their long-term well-being and financial security can bring you comfort.  We thoroughly analyze your estate and strategize the best means of transferring your assets, minimizing taxes, establishing guardianship for your children, caring for your pets, supporting personal philanthropic causes and protecting your loved ones.

Draft Your Living Will, Last Will and Testament

Twenty years after the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was passed, complicated rules and revisions still expose medical providers to significant liability. At Gibbs Pool and Turner, we advise hospitals, medical practices and doctors on the steps needed to remain in compliance. No matter the size or specialty of your medical facility, maintaining the sanctity of Protected Health Information must be a high priority. Our attorneys provide a knowledgeable and staunch defense against alleged HIPAA violations and can help establish clear rules and procedures to avoid problems in the future.

Changing and Drafting Valid Wills that Ensure Your Intentions are Honored 

As your life changes, so might your estate plan. You may need to update your will throughout your life. Gibbs Pool and Turner, P.C. drafts valid codicils that address changes in your financial situation, marital status, number of children, philanthropic interests and general lifestyle decisions.

Contact an Experienced Missouri Healthcare Attorney for Your Legal Needs Today

The attorneys of Gibbs Pool and Turner, P.C. represent medical providers in malpractice defense cases and other litigation and regulatory matters. We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we may be of service to you. Please call 573-636-2614 or contact us online to schedule a meeting in our Jefferson City office.

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