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Joseph J. Schumaker | Associate, Gibbs Pool and Turner P.C. Attorneys


Areas of Practice
  • Employment Discrimination

  • General Tort

  • Medical Malpractice

  • Real Estate

  • Wrongful Death

Tel: (573) 636-2614


Joseph J. Schumaker brings a wealth of knowledge and dedication to complex litigation encompassing wrongful death, medical malpractice, employment discrimination, real estate, and general torts at Gibbs Pool and Turner P.C. Leveraging his comprehensive education and experience, Joseph adeptly evaluates and assists in preparing matters for depositions, mediations, motions, and trial proceedings.


After successfully passing the Missouri Bar Exam, Joseph eagerly joined Gibbs Pool and Turner P.C. as an associate, demonstrating a strong commitment to excellence. His passion for the legal profession and desire to serve extend to out-state Missouri, where he looks forward to establishing his practice.


Before embarking on his legal career, Joseph honed his skills through internships at prominent legal entities, including the Johnson County District Court of Kansas under Judge Michael Joyce and the Missouri State Public Defenders in Kansas City, Missouri.

Hailing from Overland Park, Kansas, Joseph holds an undergraduate degree in History from the University of Kansas. Inspired by his father, Larry Schumaker, he pursued law at the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law, where he graduated in 2018.

Beyond his legal pursuits, Joseph's intellectual curiosity drives him to explore various subjects, with a particular fascination for the history of Latin America and the Middle East.

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